Project Management Championships Circa 2013


This website has been archived and is part of the required reading for Justin Brak's 3rd year Business Management course. Mr. Brak comes to the university with a widely varied background in business and education. He's well known for his Medieval Philosophy course but he has also managed a robotics manufacturing business specializing in precision products. Acknowledging that smart business owes a tribute to the ancient philosophers, students are advised to read this treatise on the idea of nothing prior to the first class. His book, Hands Free Management is a standard read for many business schools. Students can obtain the full reading list from his webpage on the university's supplemental website.

Project business is a growing tool for many organizations to stay competitive. Since utilizing projects as a working method has increased, project business should be seen as a future job. There is a lack of young, talented project managers. PM Championships is to respond to this need.

PM Championships is targeted to anyone who is interested in project business, leadership and management, and for students at the higher education level studying project related courses.

This was the website for the 2013 Project Management Championship for the countries of the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania. Content is from the site's 2013 archived pages providing a glimpse into this 3 stage competition.

For all the most up to date information about the Project Management Championship go to their current website at:



About PMC

Background of Project Management Championships

Project activities, leadership, and businesses are taking an even bigger role in corporate product development, development of internal processes, marketing activities, and in leadership, regardless of the industry. Globalization and international competition are raising new challenges for project and risk management. As businesses grow more international and cultures build up, new challenges are born in relation to virtual teams, cultural differences, habits, means of work, and communication. In other words you could say that projects have become somehow more complex and their boundaries have grown in organizational context.

This is a reason IPMA Young Crew and its network exist. Now the main challenge is to build this network bigger and with more transparency. Also one main goal is to help people to build their own networks bigger nationally and internationally. IPMA YC network offers so many possibilities to everyone who want to develop their skills and networks in project field. Joining the IPMA YC is probably the best career path a young project managers can take. The world needs more project managers and leaders, and our vision is it to be the best network and platform to create future makers in the PM Field!


Why and What?

Project Business

For many organizations, project business is one of the most important tools stay competitive in their national and international fields. As a working method, projects are being increasingly utilized in a variety of industries. It is a recognized fact that whole world is currently lacking of project professionals and future project experts.

Project Management Competition

The Project Management Championship is a competition in which students at level of higher education take on each other´s skills in project related rivalry. Purpose of the competition is to support project education, develop interest towards project management and at the same time find a fun way to network among other like-minded future professionals and organizations.

Are you ready to meet other like-minded young professionals and get really networked among them and representatives of various enterprises?

Objectives of the competition are:

  • get students interested in project work and project business, and support them on their way
  • support and develop the professional skills and abilities of young project experts
  • advance networking between young project people both nationally and internationally
  • advance the dialogue and the knowledge sharing and know-how between research and business world
  • Fun style to test you PM knowledge with your friends


Phases of the competition

Overview of the competition

The competition is for all full-time third level students who are interested in project business and management. A three to four person team takes part in the competition. Team members have to be enrolled and present full-time student in educational institutes approved valid to the competition. The competition itself consists of two separate parts: qualification round and the final.


In the qualification round the students take part in a web-based multiple-choice task in which there are a hundred (100) questions concerning project work, business and management. The website and the questions are in English language, hence the students need to have adequate English skills. Time to complete the questionnaire is 100 minutes. After qualification every team will receive a summary of their results and these are automatically  saved to our systems.


  • In case there will be two or more teams with the same best score, the team that has the fastest time, goes to the finals.
  • If there are still two or more teams with the same best score even after checking the time, the selection happens by lottery.
  • If some of the best team cannot join to Finals then next best team should have a place in national finals

Degree of difficulty

Questions in the qualification phase are similar to questions asked in the IPMA D-level certification examination. To be able to answer, contestants have to be able to cover ”soft” and ”hard” skill areas properly. The web platform and questions are in English therefore the participants are expected to have reasonable skills in English.


The national final competitions will be organized different time in each country by the local Young Crews. Style of finals might also differ little bit so it is very important that all participants read national infos.

Usually finals are like this…

The final will be implemented by one real life case-task: The case problem created by a partner organization. This problem will be related to project and/or project organization leadership. The problem situation will not be clear and solving this task will require in depth analysis and skills to adapt existing knowledge. Time for the task will be limited approximately to 4 hours after which the team will present their solution to the jury. The presentation should take 15 minutes.




How to participate:

  1. Find out whether there is PM Championship in your county and your university/polytechnic.
  2. Read more information about PM Championship on national web site.
  3. Find a team of 3-4 members at your university.
  4. During the registration, there is needed a specific country code. Team can get the code from the contact teacher of your school or the organizers of the championships.
  5. Fill in Participation form/images.
  6. Follow instructions of your national organizer.


  • After the registration your team captain will receive a link, username and a password for the questionnaire used in the qualification stage. Username and password are personal and only the members of the team can use them. Sharing the username and password is absolutely forbidden.
  • If your country has pre-registration phase then you team will have those upper info later.
  • You can only register once during the one year
  • You can also familiarize yourself to the demo version found at our website.
  • National competition project team will notify the finalists personally. Teams cleared to the final will receive detailed directions at the same time.



Latvian PM Championship 2013 gathers 33 teams from 11 universities


Latvian Young Crew is proud to announce that Latvian PM Championship 2013 have 33 teams participating in the Championship.

In total 132 students from 11 Latvian universities have shown their interest in testing their project management skills. This is a new record for Latvian championship since it started in 2011.

Latvian PM Championship qualification round will take place on 27th March. The best 4 – 6 teams then will go to the final, which will be on 19th April at Swedbank Latvia headquarters.



Competition countries in 2012/2013

The PM Championships Programme is a set of national competitions (projects). The PM Championship is a competition where university and polytechnic students of Project Management test their knowledge and skills in the are of leadership and management.

You can find your national competition web site from menu from left. This competition has started officially as a international competition during the academic year 2012/2013. National PM Championships competition has been done under IPMA Young Crew countries before but now we, IPMA Young Crew,  are moving



Riga Graduate School of Law – the winners of Latvian PM Championship 2013


On the 19th April, 2013 five teams gathered at Swedbank Latvia Headquarters to compete against each other in the final of Latvian Project Management championship 2013.

Teams from Riga Technical University, Riga Graduate School of Law, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvian Universityand RISEBA University had to solve a case study and present it to an jury committee, consisting of five international project management experts.

In a fierce competition, the outstanding performance was shown and the first place was taken by team from Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) with team members Edgars GrÅ«be, Vadims Sersnovs, Jānis Meiers and Arturs Ivanovs. The second place was awarded to Riga Technical University (Baiba Hincenberga, Andris Akmentiņš, Ksenija Kaminska, Armands Zagorskis) and the third place went to RISEBA Univertsity team (Ieva JÄ“kabsone, Inese SlÅ«ka, Dace ÄŒernišova, Agnese BÄ“rziņa). The project manager of the championship – Gundars Strazdiņš – says: “It is really surprising, how the level of project management knowledge and experience amongst students has risen. The jury members during the presentations had a hard job to decide upon the winners as all teams showed a remarkable performance.”

As reported before, 33 teams from 11 universities  participated in qualification round. The best result in qualification reached Latvian all-time-high 97% and five teams managed to secure their way to the final.

The Latvian Project management championship was organized by IPMA Young Crew Latvia in cooperation with Swedbank Latvia.

LAT_2013_Champ-final6 LAT_2013_Champ-final1LAT_2013_Champ-final2


LAT_2013_Champ-final3 LAT_2013_Champ-final4 LAT_2013_Champ-final5



Winners of Latvian PM Championship 2014 – RISEBA University


On the 25th April, 2014 five teams gathered at Swedbank Latvia Headquarters to compete against each other in the final of Latvian Project Management championship 2014.

Teams from Riga Technical University, Riga Graduate School of Law,  Latvian University, Turiba University and RISEBA University had the challenging task of solving the PM case study provided by Swedbank, and presenting it to an international jury.

The jury decided that the first place will go to team from RISEBA University with team members Valentins Nozdrins, Zoja Nesterova, Irina Karpenko and Lucija Ciekure.

The second place was awarded to Riga Technical University (Martins Pakulis, Janis Purmalis, Kaspars Salenieks) and the third place went to Riga Graduate School of Law team (Rudolfs Kalkis, Solveiga Sama, Helmuts Kruskops, Kristians Vigants).

As reported before, 36 teams from 15 universities  participated in qualification round, which was a new record number of participants in Latvian PM Championships since they started in 2011.

The Latvian Project management championship was organized by IPMA Young Crew Latvia in cooperation with Swedbank Latvia, Forbes Latvija and Mad House.